Research Progress

NTSC Researchers Propose a New Data Fusion Algorithm to Improve the Accuracy of Time Transfer Links

the time keeping group of NTSC proposed a new method for data fusion in the international time transfer links of the national time reference system. The new method, titled as "Time Transfer Link fusion algorithm based on wavelet multi-resolution analysis", was published in the internationally renowned journal, Measurement.

06 16, 2024
The Cesium Atomic Fountain Clock Developed by NTSC was Licensed as a Primary Frequency Standard to Calibrate the International Reference Time

the Circular T 435 bulletin of the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM) published the 18 consecutive months frequency data of the cesium atomic fountain clock (No. NTSC-CsF2), marking that the cesium atomic fountain clock independently developed by the National Time Service Center(NTSC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) is recognized to participate in the calibration of the international reference time scale (Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)), and starts to steer the International Atomic Time (TAI).

05 21, 2024
NTSC Researchers Establish a Fusion Time Scale APT

NTSC Researchers applied the comparison data between pulsar timing observations and atomic clock sets to establish a fusion time scale APT (Atomic-Pulsar time) that takes into account the advantages of both long-term stability of pulsar time and short-term stability of atomic time.

04 25, 2024


Two Books Select as Outstanding Popular Science Books of Shaanxi Province in 2023

Two popular science books nominated by the National Time Service Center,"Navigation Stars and Sinan" and "Sky Gazing(chinese version)" was selected in the list of "Outstanding Popular Science Books of Shaanxi Province in 2023" (15 in total) in the 2023 Shaanxi Province Outstanding Popular Science Book Selection.

NTSC Delegated Participates in ICG-17

From 15th to 20th Oct. 2023, the seventeenth meeting of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG-17) and Series Meetings were held in Madrid, Spain in hybrid format. Led by Professor LU Xiaochun, the group leader of Chinese delegation, 6 participants of NTSC attended the great event in Madrid.

The Achievements of NTSC were Selected into the Ten Cases of "Digital Economy Contributing to Inclusive Growth, Benefits for all"

On October 18, the scientific and technological achievement of the National Time Service Center(NTSC)of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), "Beidou: Guarding the Serenity of Sarez Lake", was successfully selected into the top of ten cases of "Digital Economy Contributing to Inclusive Growth, Benefits for all".


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